Best Things to Do in Pelling | West Sikkim Travel Guide

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Best Things to Do in Pelling | West Sikkim Travel Guide

About West Sikkim

West Sikkim feels nothing like the rest of India. Somehow, it just feels more laid back, tranquil, and you won’t experience any tout action here. There’s a limited amount of tourist agencies, but prices are fair. The panoramic landscape is hilly, with deep valley gorges and stretches as far as you can see. You can even catch a glimpse of the Himalayas. Small villages and housing settlements are nestled in these mountains as you travel higher and higher. It’s hard to imagine anyone can live so remotely. But surrounded by the echoes of nature’s serenity, you can understand why.

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West Sikkim Travel Guide Pelling  : Things to Do and See in Pelling


I needed to be moving on from India, but I wanted to checkout what I could of West Sikkim.  I wanted to experience someplace… different and scenic. I had only three days to spend between Pelling and Yuksom. That isn’t a lot of time, so I collected highlights from a common Buddhist pilgrimage route. 

Getting a Restricted Access Permit for West Sikkim

Due to the fact it borders China, foreign travelers are required to get a Restricted Access Permit before entering and additionally, before trekking. You can get this permit from Sikkim Tourism Offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Silliguri, Rangpo, Darjeeling and Melli (border) with your Indian visa and passport (have two passport photos, in case). Foreign tourists are allow 60 days on this permit. Indian travelers are excluded from this. The permits are free of charge but it takes a little effort to get.  I got mine in Darjeeling.

pelling india, sikkim
How to Reach Pelling: View of Pelling from my Hotel Kabur
How to Reach Pelling: Momos in Sikkim
How to Reach Pelling: View from Pelling

West Sikkim Ethnography

As a region in Northeast India, the population of Sikkim centers around its neighboring influences of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet.   Major ethnic minorities are  Lepcha (aka Sikkimese), Bhutia, Nepali (Gorkha) and Tibetan.

Sikkim, Pelling
Sikkim: Pelling
How to Reach Pelling, pelling india
How to Reach Pelling

Religion in West Sikkim

Buddhism takes a larger role in Sikkim and many will say that Sikkim is a safe region for female solo travelers to visit.  A popular Buddhist pilgrimage route of historical sites tend be largely be engineered by first king of Sikkim, Lama Lhetsun Chempo. They are: Sanghak Choeling Monastery, Pemayangstse Monastery, Khecheopuri Lake, Norbugang Coronation Throne, Dubai Monastery , Yuksom and Tashiding Monastery. But you’ll find many noteworthy sites in between.

Pelling, sikkim,
Pelling: Prayer flags
Sanghak Choeling Monks, Pelling, sikkim travel guide, pelling travel guide
Sanghak Choeling Monks, Pelling

Pelling: Nature Unleashed in West Sikkim

Pelling is a quiet Sikkimese town located 2085 m above sea level. For me, it’s an escape into nature and some of the highlights in and around the area.

If you’re not looking for nature walks, panoramic mountain views and a remote country village escape, then Pelling might not be for you. But for those looking for a good detox, a safe place untouched by tourist crowds, then Pelling is as far removed from craziness as it can get. Pelling is the heart of nature.

Pelling, sikkim
Pelling: Nature Unleashed
Pelling to Yoksum Travel Guide West Sikkim
Pelling’s Chillaxed nature
Pelling travel guide, goat, family goat
Pelling Family goat
pelling, west sikkim, pelling town, pelling travel guide
Cricket field near Helipad
pelling town, pelling sikkim
Pelling town


West Sikkim Travel Guide to Pelling

Things to Do in and around Pelling

While sites like Sanghak Choeling might be accessed on foot, seeing the majority of Pelling’s highlights is best done by car.  Much of the sites are spread out as nature coos to you to make an effort to explore her.

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1. Sanghak Choeling Monastery

Sanghak Choeling Monastery was built in 1697 by Lama Lhatsun Chempo and is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim. It The monastery practices Vairayana Buddhism. The Monastery is located on one of the highest points of Pelling and has a breathtakingly high panoramic view.

Getting to Sanghak Choeling Monastery from Pelling central is about a hour walk north, past the helipad towards the mountain.

Sanghak Choeling Monastery, Pelling, Sikkim
Sanghak Choeling Monastery, Pelling, Sikkim
Sanghak Choeling Monastery, Pelling, Sikkim
Sanghak Choeling Monastery, Pelling, Sikkim
Sanghak Choeling Monastery, Pelling, Sikkim
Sanghak Choeling Monastery, Pelling, Sikkim
Sanghak Choeling
Sanghak Choeling: dwellings for monks

2. Pemangyangtse Monastery

44km from Pelling, Pemangyangtse Monastery is one of Sikkim’s oldest and most heralded monasteries, built by Lama Lhatsun Chempo in 1705.  Constructed to house ta-tshang (aka pure monks), it accepts only monks of celibate and pure Tibetan lineage.  This is located 4 miles from Gyalshing/Geyzing

3. Rimbi Waterfalls

Traveling from Pelling to Yoksum, you’ll find many small waterfalls along the side of the road, but Rimbi Waterfalls is one of the longest and most impressive waterfall I’ve seen.

Rimbi Waterfalls, Pelling, Sikkim
Rimbi Waterfalls, Pelling, Sikkim

4. Khecheolpuri Lake

In the village of Khecheolpuri, Khecheolpuri Lake is known as the wish fulfilling lake. Upon entrance, there’s a building that houses a large prayer wheel and then you’ll find a walking path decorated with prayer flags. At the end of the walk, there’s the lake. Ring the bell at the entrance of the wooden walkway, spin the prayer bells counter clockwise and make your wish out at the lake. Locals like to feed the fish in the lake for good merit.

Sikkim Travel Guide, Kecheolpuri Lake,
Sikkim Travel Guide: Kecheolpuri Lake
Kecheolpuri Lake
Kecheolpuri Lake
Kecheolpuri Lake
Kecheolpuri Lake

5. Khangchendzonga Falls

While driving you’ll come across a pair of roadside waterfalls called Khangchendzonga Falls. For approximately 100 Rupee, you can zipline across it. The waterfalls also provide a nice rest stop with small shops selling chai and snacks.

List continued on Yuksom Travel Guide for West Sikkim

What to Eat in Pelling

Traditional Sikkimese foods can be challenging to find. In Pelling, the hotel restaurants have the best food and drink.

Hotel Garuda (the Crossroads of town) has a decently stocked menu of Indian, Chinese and traditional Sikkimese foods, like gundruk.

Hotel Kabur (Upper Pelling, near the Crossroads) has slightly similar menu as Garuda, but a welcoming and lively spirit with an outdoor terrace perfect with a beer and sunset view.

Gundruk is fermented leafy green vegetable soup of cauliflower, root  . It’s a popular soup in Nepal and Gurkha households. Momos are steamed Tibetan dumplings filled with either chicken, vegetables or cheese.

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moms in sikkim, sikkimese food,
Momos in Sikkim

Getting around Pelling and Sikkim

I hired a driver for the day at Himalyan Ranges Adventure tours & Trek in central Pelling. They had full tours and half day tour menus; the best packages includes both, Pelling and Yoksum. Yoksum is the key town and the old kingdom of Sikkim (see the Yoksum guide). They offer around 6 tours to slightly different locations, depending upon interest. Cost: 1500- 2300 Rupee. Duration: 5-6 hours.

With the tour, I  could negotiate as much time I wanted to spend at each place, which was perfect for filming and wandering. Although they’re called tours, you actually don’t get a guide, which is why I call it I renting a car/driver.  

Where I stayed in Pelling

Hotels stretch along the town’s inclined, zig-zagging road for 2km.  Hotels in Upper Pelling offer better views. Peak season when hotel rates increase are March to May, September to November.  I went around October/November, when a light jacket was nice to have.  Check here for hotels in Pelling.

Hotel Kabur, Pemayantse Road

The rooms in Hotel Kabur are moderate to basic. But they have hot showers and warm blankets for chilly nights. The main social atmosphere of the hotel is the restaurant gathering area. There’s an outdoor terrace with a breathtaking view of the valley and the Himalayas. Restaurant is one of the best options for travelers to Pelling. The hotel can book your onward travel or pickup transport for you.

hotel kabul pelling, hotels in pelling, pelling hotels
Hotel Kabul in Pelling

Getting to Pelling

Pelling can be reached via Silliguri Station, New Jaigalpuri Station and Bagdogra Airport.  Foreign travelers must have a RAP permit and may need to check in at the Meilli border. I got to Pelling via Darjeeling (via New Jaigalpuri Station), but I had to make a side trip to the Meilli checkpoint border to show my permit.

In some cases you might have to transfer at Joretheng or Gezying/Gyalshing. Buses from Jortheng stop running after 1p and you’ll need to find a jeep or regular taxi. On my return, I did a journey from Pelling to Bagdogra Airport (watch my video). My journey was not direct – I went from Pelling to Silliguri Station (4-7hours, 250Rs) to Bagdogra Airport .

travel guide, west sikkim travel guide
Getting to Pelling

Leaving Pelling to Kolkata to Varanasi

I’m proud of the Sikkim route I took. I was never the type of traveler who could see myself taking anything more than one or two transfers to get to a destination. I used to be quite fearful of it, because  I didn’t trust myself vs. my foreign environment. But the more I started loving being in India, I gave into trust. Knowing that Sikkim is also safe territory for solo travelers, allowed me to become one with my environment and give into trust even more.

The route I took was traveling from Pelling (West Sikkim) to Kolkata (West Bengal) to Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh).

Pelling to Jortheng
Silliguri Station to Bagdogra Airport
Bagdogra Airport to Kolkata Airport
Kolkata to Howrah Station
Howrah Station to Banares Station, Varanasi

Pelling to Jortheng

From Pelling, I took a shared jeep taxi booked by my hotel. My jeep taxi was late. The journey to the airport could take anywhere from 4 -7 hours. Driving through Sikkim, the route is amazing scenic. Sikkim’s beauty is raw and natural.

Jortheng is a transportation hub for a lot of destinations in Sikkim. We stopped for a 15 minute bathroom and snack break.

Sikkim, Pelling
Sikkim: Pelling

Silliguri Station to Bagdogra Airport

Silliguri is a major transportation hub. This is an alternate station you could get off at to take to Darjeeling or Pelling.  Essentially, you just need an autotaxi or car taxi to get to the airport.

Unfortunately for me, most taxis were taken and it was peak traffic. A rickshaw driver convinced me he could take me to the airport, but then dropped me under a highway bridge. The bridge was a type of bus stop. Friendly locals helped me hail a bus to the airport.

Buses are not allowed to go into Bagodgra Airport, but will drop you outside. It’s a bit of a walk to get in. I hailed an auto rickshaw taxi to drive me in.

Bagdogra Airport to Kolkata to Varanasi

I took a flight from IndiGo Air from Bagodgra to Kolkata. There was a direct flight to Varanasi (my end destination), but I was traveling close to Diwali, so flights to Varanasi were expensive. My plan B was to fly to Kolkata at $87. From Kolkata, I took an overnight train to Varanasi.


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Getting from Pelling to Yoksum (Video)


Traveling India  Series for Solo Travelers( Video playlist)

Check my “How I Travel India” playlist.  I’ve already covered the inside of Indian trains, how to get a tourist quota, how to get your Sim card.  These are all filmed as I travel through India alone, so you can see the degree of difficulty or not.   I love India but I am certainly not invulnerable to trip difficulties or culture shock.






West Sikkim Travel Guide, pelling india, pelling travel guide
West Sikkim Travel Guide for Pelling | Pin to Pinterest
West Sikkim Travel Guide, pelling india, pelling travel guide
West Sikkim Travel Guide for Pelling | Pin to Pinterest


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