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McLeodganj, Dharamsala, India

Dear Love,

Words and thoughts often get in the way of us achieving our greatest potential for awakening.

My destiny is out there! Occasionally when I travel, I dance upon a wave of a feeling that takes me to where I should be next. The feeling is subtle, light, playful. But just before that feeling rests within me, outside thoughts enter in, pushing me to define the why’s and to exact outlines towards my goals.

In that instant, I’ve been thieved of my own greatness.

Life should be simpler. 

What do I want to do next?

If there are no words, no thoughts but only feelings and impressions, I know my truth. Silence is hardly silent; it’s loud enough for the heart to hear its own buzz-call to ignite action. Then each day, each person, vision or place, holds a transformative power for me; and I realize:

Everything has led up to this moment for me to just Be.

Om Shanti,


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