Discovering Chobhar Village & Kritipur

I awoke with the most wretched raw throat. Fortunately, i packed my Dr.Chris bag of meds and hopeful remedies, we’ll see…

A Nepalese token of friendship

My garlands from yesterday’s pujas and the girls are a pleasant memory. The garlands consist of 2 small neck ropes and a red cloth rope and I realize these are girls’ own prassad for puja. Yesterday, on the bus home, the Reija and Latika asked if i would be their friend. When I affirmed it, they shook my hand and gave me 2 bobby pins to put in my hair. First, I thought that my own bobby pins had fallen out & they’d picked them up for me. Looking (more…)

Dealing with scams in India and How to Get Out of ’em

tourist scams india, tourist agency scams india

How do you get out of Indian tour agencies scams?

Namaste, you’ve been ripped off!

“If you gave saddhu (Indian holy man) just 1/10 of what you’re paying on your ‘tour’, the saddhu and his entire family would pray for you for the rest of his life! – Papu Singh

Indians have a humorous way of putting things.

Under the desert moon and with the Jaisalmer city walls as our backdrop, we got to know the Mali brothers (of Shahi Palace) better. The drinks were free and the laughter was flowing. But when the brothers had heard the predicament I was in with the tour, things turned towards a down (more…)

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Dakshinkali Temple & Lessons on the Nepalese country bus

Kathmandu (Chobhar Village, Durga Puja & the Nepalese bus)

September 30, 2008 3
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Travel solo: Explore the countryside of Chobhar, Nepal

Today I awoke to a breath-taking 360 view of the unspoilt Taudaha Valley! It’s a grand feeling… a gift! While I have a small room in my guesthouse cottage, it’s the lull of tourist season so momentarily, I am its only guest, so the exquisite view of the valley is all mine! But let me […]

September 30, 2008 0
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Top Things to Do in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu (Thamel, Bodnath, Swayambuth Stupa, Chobhar)

September 29, 2008 1
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Indian Sleeper Trains and Indian Train Etiquette

Taking the Indian Sleeper Train back to Delhi

September 29, 2008 0
10 Things to know before you go to Kathmandu, Kathmandu travel guide
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10 Things to know before you go to Kathmandu

Today the weather was not great. I got caught in a downpour and for a while, this held up business all around Thamel but it didn’t keep me from walking around. This led to ten observations about Thamel and the Nepali culture.

September 28, 2008 0
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Namaste Nepal! I might just like you.

  Arriving in Kathmandu airport, it’s all about filling in forms for immigration and paying a fee for an on-arrival visa.  I collect my bags and my hotel has sent a 4WD truck to pick me up. You would not BELIEVE the size of potholes in the streets! I’m staying at a hotel that’s a […]

September 27, 2008 0
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Shahi Palace Hotel Review: A heart in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer: Shahi Palace Hotel Review

September 27, 2008 0
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