Namaste Nepal! I might just like you.

kathmandu view

View of Kathmandu 


Arriving in Kathmandu airport, it’s all about filling in forms for immigration and paying a fee for an on-arrival visa.  I collect my bags and my hotel has sent a 4WD truck to pick me up.

You would not BELIEVE the size of potholes in the streets!

I’m staying at a hotel that’s a five minute drive outside of Thamel. My hotel taxi is 200Rs (around $2.50). The drive down is very jagged and
bouncy, but my eyes are wide, careful to catch every site. The truck kicks up dust from unpaved roads. It must have great shock suspension. The potholes in the road are large, deep and many.


White Sheets Review: Shahi Palace Hotel (Jaisalmer, India)

Shahi Palace Hotel Review on Tripadvisor

There’s a heart that exists in India- its here!


My stay at Shahi Palace, Jaisalmer was one of my best memories of India and its heart. It’s not only about experiencing the desert calm (and Shahi’s wonderful camel safari to the Thar Desert w/ the “Camel Man”) but it’s truly about the people and the friendships that you make along the way. (more…)

Finding your OM at Hotel Vajra in Kathmandu

hotel Vajra
Hotel Vajra: Total OM Satisfaction
First thing which enters your mind as you enter the grounds is, Is this is a resort?

After the budget hotels in India, I wasn’t sure what Nepal had in store for me. But what a surprise!

It stood like a fortress overlooking Thamel. Tucked away, soothing and sophisticated, Hotel Vajra has a charm, which removes itself from the rest of Kathmandu and backpacker’s Thamel. It’s like the secret that travelers whisper to each other so that everyone doesn’t go running.

You can get lost in its old world design and the artisan skills of the Nepalese community. It’s windows, doors and furniture are all finely crafted, (more…)

VIDEO: A Camel Safari in Jaisalmer

In the deserts of Rajasthan:  Camel Safari in Jaisalmer India

My first camel riding adventure did not take place in Morocco, Egypt or Mongolia… it took place last year in India! But in the Rajasthan region of northern India, where the environment is arid and hot, you see Quasimodo animals as native to the region as cows pulling wagons.

In the far outskirts of the forted city of Jaisalmer, I took a sunset camel safari into the Thar Desert with the acclaimed “Camel Man”. A group of us (more…)

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Rajasthan: Jaisalmer, deserts and camel safaris

  When we arrived, Kul took us to our hotel to drop our bags. The place was clean, but bland and soul-less. A standard non-descript budget hotel. There were three twin -sized beds spaced out in the room. Lame. I gave up my bed to Kul and decided to stay with Regina, instead. She wasn’t […]

September 27, 2008 0
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VIDEO: Worshipping rats at the Karni Mata Rat Temple , Bikaner India

Many animals in India are considered sacred. At Deshnok’s Rat Temple, I had to walk barefoot over sacred rat pee and sacred rat poop which at the time was the only option that allowed me to witness millions of rats…

September 26, 2008 8
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Top 5 Things to do in Jaipur and the Dangers of Driving on an Indian Highway

Rajasthan: Jaipur, Deshnok, Jaisalmer

September 26, 2008 1
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Drive by shootings in Rajasthan: Driving in India under a blaze from Delhi to Jaipur

  Seeing the Rajasthan region through a plate of glass while flying itinerary-speed across the highway is a blur. It’s as romantic as the music in our  driver, Kul’s car. Drive by shootings in India : wishing I took the train So you didn’t know India has drive by shootings? Well, it all depends on […]

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5 Top Historical Sites to Visit in Delhi

Top 5 Places to Visit in Delhi

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