15 Unforgettable Towns: 3 Month Backpacking Itinerary for India

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3 month backpacking itinerary in India (a comprehensive guide to traveling India)


Spice-laden sunsets, sun-drenched beaches, and snow-capped Himalayas….with three months backpacking India stretched out before you, where do you begin? This comprehensive guide unpacks my epic India backpacking route of 15 cities to visit in India for 3 months.

When I did my India backpacking route in 3 months back in 2012, I regretted not documenting it in its full glory. I wrote several travel guides of the cities and towns I visited, sharing a more comprehensive breakdown of each city. But it helps to see an overview of what those three months looked like as a whole and the route I took.

Traveling India on a three month India Tourist visa

As far as India tourist visas go, the longest duration you can stay is three months. Read How to Get your India Tourist Visa. You’ll find many long-term or European backpackers and digital nomads taking this option. India is one of those countries where if you’re not traveling with a tour group, it can take a while to get around. Some travelers plan their route; the other half of travelers wing their trip, keeping the road open for inspiration and meeting others, who might whisper locations to check out. India is such a large and diverse country that three months will blow by before you know it. Read my blog on trip planning for India.

Pacing my route and winging my plans

When I planned to travel on the three month Indian tourist visa, it was my second trip to India.  Being a yoga practitioner, I wanted to get yoga certified, stay at an ashram and go with the unplanned flow of India.

My fifteen city route across India was covered mostly in two months, as I spent a month in Dharamsala with my yoga certification program. Staying put for a month helped me sink deeper into the culture and befriend locals, foreigners and foreign expats.  I allotted each place anywhere from three to seven days per city and part of me played each destination by ear. When I took this trip, I was partially in the shot-gun vacation pace of travel, but eventually my days in a place got longer.

I’d arrive into a city and find a place to stay on the spot.  I’d find a transportation and luggage-carrying convenient location with the most hotels and walk from hotel to hotel and ask to see the rooms. Winging accommodations is not ideal but you never know what quality to expect in India. I’ve booked hotels through Agoda.com and Booking.com  to know, a hotel looked nothing like its online photos when I arrived. Many hotels and guesthouses felt old and visibly worn. Alternately, I’ve visited off-the-beaten-path towns where there are no online listings. Today, booking your hotel online is easier than it used to be. More vendors post their lodgings online and guest reviews give you an idea of the experience you’ll have.

If you’re going to wing your accommodations, it’s helpful to arrive early in the morning to beat the heat and to pack light for your India trip, so you’re not lugging a huge suitcase around. India is one of those countries where transportation can get crowded – especially public buses and metros.

Solo female travel concerns in India

There were times I was anxious about being a female traveling India alone. Staying in a room that attracts flying bugs at night or waking up to the sounds of your neighbor vomiting (due to a food bug) can sneak up on you out of the blue and intensify loneliness.  I focused on my self-discovery and spaced my time between traveling on my own and sharing time with Indian and foreign travelers I’d meet along the way. I learned the lesson of not being too cheap in my lodgings. Your hotel is your temporary home and it should feel safe and clean.

Being a woman I also knew I had to be aware of the activities and types of situations i’d naively put myself in – getting sick, getting into an accident, arriving in the wee hours of the morning without a hotel to check into… these are all teachers.

I enjoyed both ways of travel. Solo trips bolstered my confidence with navigating culture, language differences, buses written only in Sanskrit and conversing with locals. Meeting other travelers helped me with budget when I could share a room, plans or a ride. Like a tumbleweed I’d roll where the wind took me.

My India Route:A 3 Month India Backpacking Itinerary

I’m laying out a three-month India backpacking itinerary that takes you through 15 unforgettable cities to visit in India. I’ll share quick notes of my highlights and information.

1. Mumbai

It can feel challenging to sightsee Mumbai on your own. Mumbai is a big city, a pulsing metropolis of India, and the home of the Bollywood industry. There are a throng of things to do and see here from historical sights, trendy cafes, exploring its food and nightlife. My first three days I felt lost, although I managed to cover what i’m sharing here. Watch the iconic dabbawalas (lunchbox delivery men) on their delivery hustle to corporate offices, or hop on a ferry to Elephanta Island’s ancient cave temples (this makes a nice day trip). Doing a Mumbai Food Tour is a must and Chowpatty Beach is the perfect beach spot for sampling street food fried up by a cove of kiosk food vendors. The beach is known for the Ganesh Visarjan, a 10 day festival where idols of Ganesh are submerged.

My favorite attraction of Mumbai was the Dhobi Ghats,where you can witness the dhobi community slap, suds and steam press Mumbai’s laundry. It’s said that with all the linens they launder from businesses and households, not a sock goes missing. The vats and hanging colored linens reminded me of Fes’ tanneries.

Lastly, for a unique experience, hop a train from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the busiest train stations in India. The intercity trains are a little archaic compared to Delhi’s metro. They feel like a tin can on wheels.

Note: Dharavi Slum tours has quickly gained tourist popularity due to the Slumdog Millionaire film. Tours can be exploitative of the poverty in the community. Please do your research in advance. Make sure you are going with an ethical tour that is paying the local community for their interactions.  See my 30 tips for the ethical traveler

Transportation: VIP tourist overnight bus.

Inside Tips for Solo Travelers in Goa

Prices in Mumbai can run a little higher due to the fact it’s Mumbai.  Do your research on accommodations in advance. To reduce the overwhelm, book a Mumbai city sightseeing tour

Check out fun Mumbai activities & day trips

chowpatty beach, Mumbai
chowpatty beach, Mumbai

mumbai train station
mumbai train station: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Dhobi Ghats - the dry cleaners of Mumbai
Dhobi Ghats – the dry cleaners of Mumbai

2. Goa

Goa is a hot beach destination for Indian travelers and for tourists traveling India. Beaches, swaying palms, and laid-back vibes define Goa. Hike through spice plantations, party in beach shacks, or try your hand at watersports like jet-skiing surfing or kayaking. Known for its rave party culture, you’ll find DJ beats spun on the sand, foreign backpackers echoing Bob Marley dreds and scantily clad women in leather miniskirts on the back of motorcycles. Vendors go around the beach offering massages or fresh cut fruits. It’s a bit of a pretentious adult carnival.  It’s India without being Indian.

Each beach has a bit of it’s own character, whether it is DJs pumping rave vibes on the sand to private resort beaches, who allow the occasional nude sun-bather under a cabana, Goa has a mix. Read my top 5 Goa beaches.

Goa beaches and rave scene was not my cup of tea. I met up with fellow travel bloggers in Goa, which killed time for me and was spent at beach bars hiding from the sun. When I rented a motorbike and zoom-zoomed along hills, to sight see farm fields, local markets and different beach regions of Goa, the region redeemed itself and took on a vibrant new color.

Tip: Don’t miss a trip to Dudhsagar Falls or to the latin quarter of Panajii. These are spots I missed and wished I had visited to enhance my experience of Goa.

Goa Activities:

Transportation to the Next Destination: I took VIP/tourist sleeper bus and I will never do that again! Read my experience

Inside & Safety Tips for Solo Travelers in Goa

Goa is hot, especially near the beaches. Eco-friendly sunscreen is a must and take a hat with a wide brim. Stay hydrated.  It wasn’t my favorite destination for that fact. Although I did not experience any safety issues in Goa, there are a lot of travelers and Goa is known for its rave and hippie scene. Beware of travel theft and touts that can affect your stay negatively. Avoid drug usage so you can keep your street smarts about you and to avoid landing in an Indian jail.


beaches in goa, top beaches goa
top beaches goa

3. Hampi

Ghostly. Ruin-ly. Hampi stretches far and wide, so if you plan to see most of it, allow yourself at least three days.  It’s a hot and arid environment and you’ll want to take water with you on your hike.

The town is separated by a river and each morning, elephants come to the river to bathe. Local ladies wash their clothes in the river and you can cross is by ferry. On one side of the river, there is a semi-lush bank with hippie type of guesthouses, small cafes and a hilly range. Hike to the Monkey Temple during sunset for the best view overlooking all of Hampi.

The other side of the river is the small, rustic town, with local shops, cafes and local residences. More ruins reside on this side of the river and they are more architectural, sprinkled with grazing goats. You can reach them on foot or bike.  Rent a bicycle or motorbike (but only if you know how to ride. I got into a motorbike accident!)  or taxi to explore the further ruins and the countryside.

Transportation: I took the Government bus to Hampi, although a tourist bus is available too.

Travel & Safety Tips for Solo Travelers in Hampi

The Hampi climate is arid and there’s little trees for shade. Definitely wear sunscreen and take a hat with a wide brim. Stay hydrated- I almost passed out from the heat and hiking.  Hampi wasn’t my favorite destination largely because i’m not fond of arid environments, but it can be a photogenic place.

There are resident monkeys when you visit the temple. Be sure to seal all loose items up if you have a daypack. Visit my Hampi Guide.\

Don’t want to travel India alone? Join my India group trip or make it a private tour? Dive into local culture, food and off-beaten-path gems without the stress

hampi travel guide, hanuman temple hampi, monkey temple hampi
Hampi Ruins

hampi ruins india, hampi unesco ruins
Hampi Ruins

hampi india
3 month backpacking route India: visiting Hampi ruins

hampi ruins india, hampi unesco ruins

4. Gokarna

Gokarna is one of the top five pilgrimmage towns, dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Gokarna has three main beaches: OM beach, Kudle beach and GoKarna Beach with two secluded beaches. Some beaches have coves and are great for sunbathing while others offer watersport opportunities.The beaches are spread out. Some temples do not allow foreigners in or have specific rules like forbidding women with their menustration period.

Ask locals about which beaches are good to swim in. Some beaches have choppy waves and are not swimable and others aren’t very clean and should be avoided if you have open cuts or wounds. A friend of mine (who I got into the motorbike accident with) jumped into the ocean for a swim; sadly, his cuts got infected and he had to stay in Gokarna until he could walk again.

There are options for lodgings in each beach residences. Accommodations range from super cheap but basic beach cabanas, guesthouses and hotels.

Aside from beaches, Gokarna is a small rustic town surrounded by nature, beaches, guesthouses and local residences.  Aside from beaches, you might feel limited. There’s not a lot of splashy attractions. Visit the Koti Turti ghat – a local bathing spot, do a Gokarna food tasting tour, beach hop Gokarna & take in the sunsent at Om Beach or do a nature walk of Gokarna.  I took in a show at the local community theater and it was a wonderful surprise.

Check out this GetyourGuide listing for more Gokarna guided activities

Transportation: Government bus. Taking the government bus from Hampi, got me into Gokarna’s outdoor bus station at 3am and every business is closed at that hour. Luckily, there were other travelers on the bus and we all banded together to find a beach to sleep on. Check  bus timetables. Beaches are also occupied by resident cows. Watch where you sleep.;)

gokarna india, travelling gokarna, gokarna travel
Traveling Gokarna at Koti Turti ghat

Eating in India, india travel tips, how to make friends when you travel alone
Vegetarian Travel Tips: Countries that are vegetarian. Having lunch with fellow long term travelers in India



The backwaters beckon in Kerala. That’s what defines Kerala. “God’s Country” is a land of lush lagoons, swaying coconut palms, and river houseboats.  Visit Munnar’s rolling hills and tea plantations, or soak in the Ayurveda wellness scene. Kochi’s bustling markets and Mattancherry’s Jewish Synagogue offer glimpses into Kerala’s diverse heritage.

Travel & Safety Tips for Solo Travelers in Kerala

Kerala surprised me as a lush, clean and well-maintained state with universities. The climate certainly felt gentler than the previous states and the vibe was more relaxed. Although I did not experience any safety issues, scams or touts, it’s always best to keep your street smarts about you.


Alleypey Kerala, kerala backwaters, planning a trip to india, how to plan a trip to india
Alleypey, Kerala


6. Kochi/Cochin

Kerala’s maritime jewel, Cochin, has a lot of colonial charm, bustling markets, and serene backwaters and beaches. The Chinese fishing nets with their giant fishing nets was the first image that drew me wanting to visit Kochi ( aka Cochin). Take in Kochi’s highlights by strolling Fort Kochi, where Dutch and Portuguese heritage lingers in colorful streets and spice-laden air, explore Mattancherry’s Jewish Synagogue, the oldest in the Commonwealth, and bargain for vibrant silks and spices in Jew Town.

Day trips: Hop on a traditional dhow to cruise the Vembanad Lake, witnessing serene villages and lush greenery while savoring fresh seafood on board or experience a backwater village eco boat tourMunnar’s lush tea plantations and rolling hills are just 3.5 hours from Kochi. From bustling spice markets to tranquil backwaters, Cochin offers a kaleidoscope of maritime charm.


Transportation to the Next Destination: Local bus

Getting There:  From arrival into Ernakulam train station, take taxi into Fort Kochi. The Ernakulam bus station has a nearby (walking distance) ferry that you can take direct to Fort Kochi as well. It’s much cheaper than a taxi into the area.

kochi fishing nets
Kochi’s famous fishing nets

Sonnaight Inn, Fort Cochin
Sonnaight Inn, Fort Cochin


6. Alleypey

Alleypey is a charming town on Kerala’s backwaters is a gateway to a unique experience. I enjoyed it, found its lushness beautiful and I could see staying there a week or longer. There are surrounding canals and a main passenger boat station. The town has a really lovely Catholic church. It was the first western church I’ve seen in India– pews and all. In India, I got used to visiting a lot of Hindu and Sikh temples where you must walk barefoot out of respect. So seeing a Catholic church was a bit of culture shock.

Alleypey is known for its traditional backwater houseboat experience, a floating homestay complete with bedrooms, kitchen, and sundeck. Glide through peaceful river canals, spotting birds on marshes, fishermen pulling up baskets with fresh catch, and the occasional toddy tapper climbing palm trees extract the local palm wine. You don’t have to book a river boat to see this, although I did.

I stayed at a lovely guesthouse and rode the local community boat to its local stops. The town of Alleypey is quaint with local character. It’s a lovely town to rest in if you you’re doing a backpacking trip.

Excursions for Solo Travelers:

Transportation to the Next Destination: Local bus

alleypey, kerala


Catholic churches in Alleypey Kerala
Catholic churches in Alleypey Kerala



7. Trivandrum

Trivandrum is a bustling college and administrative town with a train and bus station.  I really wanted to practice yoga in India. Trivandrum was my hub in getting to the Sivananda Ashram, which was on the outskirts of the city.  Sadly, I stayed in the hotel area across the train station, so I didn’t explore the city of Trivandrum. Getting to the ashram, was 30 minutes from the train station. I took a crowded local bus (the type where you see in pictures where everyone is packed like sardines! Read my guide to Indian buses.  After that bus experience, I quite fell in love with the local way of getting around.

The Sivananda yoga ashram (read about my stay) is in a very chill location and you can hear lions at night, which folks say are from a nearby zoo.  I made travel friends that i’m friends with til today.

 Excursions: Take a Guided Walking Tour at Night

Transportation to the Next Destination: Local bus

Check out my week-long yoga ashram experience in Trivandrum

hanuman Sivananda yoga ashram in trivandrum
Sivananda yoga ashram in trivandrum

8. Kanyakumari

Where the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal converge, Kanyakumari is a sight to behold. Kanyakumari has a unique charm with its beach vibes. Located at the very southern tip of India, you wont find many foreign tourists. So I enjoyed this gem.  Stroll to the beach, where streets are lined with seashell vendors.

Take a boat ride to Vivekananda Rock Memorial and visit Mata Temple and the memorial where Gandhi’s ashes were spread.Although the attractions felt few compared to larger cities, they were close together and easy to get to by foot.

Try the dosas and pakoras in this area. You can cover Kanyakumari in 2-3 days. Check out my Kanyakumari Trip Guide.

Transportation to the Next Destination:  Government buses

kanyakumari beach
kanyakumari beach

sea shells at Kanyakumari
sea shells at Kanyakumari

kanyakumari beach
kanyakumari beach

9. Madurai

Dive into the vibrant chaos of Madurai, a city known for its magnificent Meenakshi Temple. Travelers can enter it but only locals are allowed to visit the heart of the temple. Marvel at the intricately carved gopurams (tower gateways), wander through bustling bazaars, and witness the vibrant “puja” (worship) ceremonies. Don’t miss the sound and light show at the temple for a mesmerizing experience.  Read my Madurai Experience (it still needs updating)

Tip: Many Indian tailors can be found walking through the bazaar, if you want to get a custom outfit down. Try the Madurai dosa- it’s a banana leaf Thali. This region is known for it.

Transportation to the Next Destination: Flight to Delhi, Overnight Bus, Local bus

madurai temple meenakshi temple
madurai temple meenakshi temple

madurai temple meenakshi temple
madurai temple meenakshi temple

madurai city
madurai city

10. Dharamsala

Dharamsala’s not just a destination. Months can melt away here as you chase mindful bliss through yoga, meditation, and a touch of Buddhism. Backpackers flock to Mcleodganj, its friendly guesthouses and international flavors nestled alongside local life and chanting monks. Bargain for long stays! It’s so serene here.  Hike to Triund for breathtaking Himalayan views, or learn about Tibetan culture at the Tsuglagkhang temple complex or visit the Karmapa.

A month and a half immersed in a yoga teacher training program and the intoxicating atmosphere of “Little Tibet” left me forever changed.

This mountain haven feels worlds away from bustling India. Lush green vistas unfurl beneath a sky alive with clouds, butterflies, and the occasional eagle soaring on the thermals. Crisp mountain air carries through the streets with the faint scent of musky incense.

This “Little Tibet” holds a tiny mecca of inclined streets lined with shops, international restaurants, crimson-robed monks and souvenir shops. It’s a small community of long-staying travelers, Tibetan Buddhists and Indians and a bit of a backpacker hippie town.  Weekends are perfect for hiking. It’s much cooler in this area around April. While the rest of India has you feeling like stripping down, this town will urge you to buy a wool blanket sold at one of the many shops or street vendors.

Mcleodganj’s food scene is a tantalizing tapestry of Tibetan and international flavors and street food. But a word to the wise: a rogue samosa from a street vendor sent me on a tour of the local healthcare system. My advice? Pack my street food safety guide  before you go! And never venture to India without travel insurance (check out this trip insurance finder tool) – my hospital visits became a testament to its value.

momos dharamsala 1
Travel & Safety Tips for Solo Travelers in Dharamsala

Safety reigns supreme in this small, predominantly Buddhist town, but some paths get spooky at night – keep precautions close. Pack a surge protector! Power cuts and lightning storms love these mountains, and my laptop didn’t. Learn from my fried circuits.

Ways to get to Dharamsala:

1) long distance overnight bus. And if you book the wrong bus, potentially a transfer to another local bus or taxi. (I did this)
2) Take a plane to Gaggal Airport (you might be on the same flight as the Dalai Lama!) and a taxi or bus to Dharamsala
3) Take the train to Pathankot railway station and hail a taxi or bus

Transportation:  Hired car and driver

Check out my Dharamasala Trip Guide

Mcleodganj, Dharamsala,
McLeodganj, dharamsala

McLeod Ganj's Main Square of Jogiwara
McLeod Ganj’s Main Square of Jogiwara

11.  Amritsar

Surrounded by gentle farmland on the outside, getting into the heart of the Amritsar, is like walking into an organized and much cleaner version of India.  Immerse yourself in the spiritual energy of Amritsar, home to the Golden Temple, Sikhism’s holiest shrine. Sikhs are known to be historically fierce warriors, but their spirituality practices quite the opposite. Their reliigion does not discriminate between caste, religion or gender and you can savor a langar (free community meal) in their temple complex. Don’t miss the Wagah-Border ceremony, a display of patriotism at the India-Pakistan border and if you love off-beat sites, definitely visit the Mata Temple. It was the craziest and coolest temple i’ve seen!  Check out my Amritsar Guide

Amritsar Excursions:

Transportation:  Indian Railways, 3AC Sleeper


lassi seller

Amritsar, wagah border
Wagah Border (Border between India and Pakistan), Amritsar


12. Delhi

Delhi, India’s bustling capital offers a dizzying mix of history, culture, and modernity. Marvel at the Mughal grandeur of the Red Fort, Humayun Tomb and Qutab Minar, explore the spice markets of Chandni Chowk. I took a local tour of Chandni Chowk with Women for World. Highly recommended. shop for handcrafted treasures at Dilli Haat. Don’t miss a sunset boat ride on the Yamuna River for a peaceful escape from the city’s buzz. See my Delhi city guide

Safety Tips for Solo Travelers in Delhi

Delhi is one of the more trickier cities in India and yet, it’s a top tourist destination. Indian locals know Delhi to have occasional scammers and cheats. I’d say you’re more likely to experience this type of activity vs any physical danger like muggings. But walking the streets as a woman can feel intimidating when you see a sea of men all around and occupying all the main jobs. If you are wondering why that is, it is because Indian women usually stay indoors.

Delhi Activities:

Transportation :  Indian Railways, 3AC

Things to do in Delhi, India Gate Delhi, top delhi attractions, top attractions delhi
Things to do in Delhi: India Gate Delhi

delhi lodhi colony art
delhi lodhi colony art

Langar experience: Eating at the temple
Langar experience: Eating at the temple

qutab minar delhi india attractions
qutab minar delhi india attractions

13. Agra

Agra is good for a 1-2 day visit. Come face-to-face with Agra’s most exquisite architectural love letter, the Taj Mahal. Witness the white marble shimmer under the morning sun,  and soak in the poignant love story of Shah Jahan and Mumitaz. If there’s time visit the Agra Fort, a majestic Mughal fortress, offers stunning views of the Taj. Then weave through Tajganj gritty charm. Haggle in alley markets, slurp lassi from a local stall, and get a cheap haircut. For a dose of social impact, grab a smoothie at Jonie’s or empower acid attack survivors at Sheroes Cafe, their courage is contagious.

Agra Activities:

Transportation to the Next Destination: Indian Railways

Taj Mahal Agra India
Taj Mahal Agra India



Ladakh was my first Heaven on Earth destination. Visit Khardung La, the world’s highest motorable road, snakes through stark, moon-like landscapes of Nubra Valley and the Shyok River. Explore the 10th century Diskit Monastery  and Thiksey Monastery and visit during the monk chants. Don’t miss the surreal gravity-defying Magnetic Hill, where cars seem to roll uphill in defiance of physics. Or do a trek to Pangong Lake, a high-altitude lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks. The heaven on earth landscape is reminiscent of Northern Pakistan, which runs parallel to Ladakh.

Best time to visit is during the Hemis Festival in summer

Visit my Ladakh Trip Highlights blog post

Transportation: Plane

You can take the bus, but only during the right season, when the roads open and mountain passes are safe. You must explore Ladakh by car and bus.

14. Leh

Ladakh’s capital, Leh, is a dusty town with a fond Tibetan heart. It’s not beautiful like the landscapes around it, but it offers a vibrant mix of bazaars, monasteries, and stunning mountain views. Explore its sidewalk street shops, where shop owners spin their prayer wheels as they await business, and hike to Shanti Stupa for  panoramic views. Acclimatize before embarking on treks.

1 63001

leh city ladakh,
tibetan buddhism , Leh

leh ladakh festival
leh ladakh festival


15. Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is a stark Ladakh landscape with vibrant life. Bactrian camels walking across sand dunes, Buddhist monasteries clinging to cliff sides, and rugged mountains house turquoise glacial lakes.  Nubra’s charm lies in its dramatic contrasts that look like an alien landscape, juxtaposed with the warmth of nomadic communities. Pass through Khardung La, the world’s highest motorable pass, or sipping apricot tea with locals, Nubra Valley is a stunning landscape.

Ladakh Nubra Valley
Ladakh Nubra Valley

ladakh landscape, ladakhi mountain range, ladakh culture, nubra valley ladakh
Nubra Valley & Shyok River

IMG 6923

Getting Around: What is the best way to get around India?

Navigating your 3-month India adventure? Public transport reigns supreme for budget-conscious backpackers, offering an immersive experience with its quirks and charms.

Buses: My go-to for city hops. Choose VIP sleepers for comfort (book online via RedBus or 12GoAsia). Local buses are slower, hit more stops, and require small change. English proficiency varies, so prepare for some charades. My Gokarna arrival at 3 am was…adventurous (think cows and darkness). Check out my guide on how to deal with language barriers.

Hated the Indian sleeper bus: uncomfortable seats, anxiety-inducing bathrooms, and near-abandonment stories left me scarred. But hey, budget travel!

Trains: Convenient and comfy, they whisk you city to city, with bathrooms onboard (squat or broken western, be warned!). Booking at stations or through agents (no online option yet) is the norm. Find all the details in my Guide to Indian Trains!

Rideshare apps: There are a few rideshare apps but I like Uber

Definitely check out my other India transit guides:

IMG 0482 1

Is India Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Overall, I’ve felt more safe traveling India than I have in my own country. My tolerance level may be higher than others as I’ve lived in different metropolitan cities and traveled different countries.

Solo Female Safety: I felt safer in India than at home, but awareness and street smart traveling is key. Sexual harassment exists, and while media portrays India as a rape capital, research reveals other countries fare worse (research various world population sites on rape by country per capita to gain a better perspective). Still, I definitely traveled practicing street smarts to avoid scams,  prevent travel theft, avoid sexual advances.

It’s fun to meet locals and fellow travelers, but avoid being too friendly to Indian men, even married ones. Indian women can be a little more conservative and discerning with their interactions with the opposite sex.  Indian men can take friendly as sexual friendliness. Avoid taking photos with men unless you know them well and by all means, do not give your phone number out. Or you will get plagued with phone calls and texts.

Touristy areas attract aggressive touts and that will be perhaps the biggest bug you’ll experience in India. Read my blog to know how to deal with them. My pickpocketing guide might come in handy.

Avoid late-night train arrivals and arrange early check-ins.

Book clean and well-reviewed hotels in safe locations.

Bonus: Dive deeper into my guides for the full experience!


What would you add to this India backpacking route? I’ve laid out a 3-month backpacking itinerary India that takes you through 15 cities to visit in India. Would you try it?


Notes: 3 month backpacking itinerary India, cities to visit in India for 3 months, India backpacking route in 3 months

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