Eating Kachori Sabzi at Mohan Bhandar, Kolkata

I’ve met travellers that like to research their travel guidebooks for the best places to eat. I’ve not had much patience to do that, even when it comes to matching my own dietary restrictions. Too lazy I guess. Instead, because I like to be efficient with my time and sightseeing, I like to find places enroute to places I’m going to. I like to stumble upon places (which is where I’ve developed my food safety tips along the way!).

In Kolkata, after leaving the New Market and its section of the live poultry plucking and butchery, I was timid about food again. Passing Mohan Bhandar, a small hole in the wall restaurant (that describes much of the type of restaurants in India), I noticed its Indian sweets. I’m a big fan of snacking and a larger fan of Indian sweets.
Little did I know it was known for its kachori sabzi. Visited by Bollywood king Amitabh Bachchan, the humble cafe was now a buzz worthy visit for Indian Food.
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Kachoori Sabzi

Kachori is the type of deep fried pastry puff bread that’s served. You’ll find them sold on the streets and in cafes in many parts of India. The sabzi is like a potato curry or a curried and watered down version of a samosa.  It’s a favorite snack food because it’s good, semi filling and at around 15 rupees, very cheap. Watch the video for my experience of it.


Mohan Bhandar

140, Surendra Nath Banerjee Road, Opp. Regal Cinema
+91 98741 17856

Directions: here

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