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What are the top 17 things to do on Jeju Island?  Photo Credit: Map from


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As the honeymoon capital of Korea, Jeju Island is heralded as the “Korean Hawaii. In this Jeju Island travel guide, I share the top things to do on Jeju Island and how I got around Jeju Island.

I’ve been to Jeju Island twice. Once with a fellow expat and another time when my mother came to stay with me in Korea. Jeju Island attractions possess jaw-dropping natural wonders which should rank this island much higher in UNESCO World Heritage listings for Korea. With tropical climate,  beaches, an impressive but inactive volcano, off-the-wall museums, theme parks and a leisurely island pace, Jeju Island is a fun and refreshing bibimbap of Korean style!

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Top 17 Things to Do on Jeju Island

 A giant adult amusement park, Jeju has activities galore as well as, some pretty fun and oddball attractions to fill your travel itinerary. Here are some of the things I did and would recommend.

Visit Jeju’s quirky theme museums

Korean culture has its quirks and Jeju Island has a wealth of both, serious museums and quirky museums, which are sure to entertain you!  From Trick Art to Teddy Bears and female divers …  Jeju aims to keep its tourists and honeymooners, entertained, informed and well-oiled for humor.

Airport Arrival Tip: Have the tourist information desk at the airport, map out Jeju’s top attractions for you and tell you which buses to take to get there.

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1. Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear Museum is a fun and quirky museum in the Jungmun area housing rooms and rooms of teddy bears and fun teddy exhibitions.  This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do on Jeju Island.  There’s Teddy Elvis, Teddy Marylyn Monroe… and fans of the Korean drama,The Palace / Gung/ Princess Hours will love this museum as it is the K-drama film location for the show and houses the princess and prince teddy bears from the show. Of all Jeju Island’s museums, the Teddy Bear Museum is a must!  You’ll absolutely adore it like I did– even if you did not watch the Korean drama!

Admission:10,000 KRW.  Hours: 9a- 6p.  Website:

Getting to the Teddy Bear Museum Jeju: Address: 2889 Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo.  The Airport Limosine bus stops in front of the museum enroute to Jungmun Tourist Resort Complex. Across the street is Ripley’s Believe it or not museum and the Chocolate Museum.

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Top 8 Things to Do on Jeju Island, teddy bear museum jeju island, teddy bear museum princess hours, teddy bear museum korean drama
Jeju Island’s Teddy Bear Museum, Movie Location of the popular Korean drama, Princess Hours

jeju teddy bears

2.  Jeju Haeneyo Museum

Did you know one of Jeju Island’s UNESCO attractions happens to be Korean mermaids or haeneyo… Jeju Island’s female divers? The Jeju Haeneyo Museum is dedicated to the history of these heroic women who started a diving tradition that is now growing extinct. The museum is small with four exhibition rooms sharing displays of the old lifestyle such as fishing nets, old haeneyo diving suits. It is very informative of the history of Jeju Island. If you are interested in the female divers, then highly worth a visit! This was one of my favorite museums.  Hours: 9am – 6pm . Cost: 1100 KRW.

Location: 26, Haenyeobangmulgwan-gil, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, 제주특별자치도 제주시 구좌읍 해녀박물관길 26Jeju

Tip: Do a day tour of Jeju’s top UNESCO sites and the Jeju Haeneyo Museum

Jeju Island Haeneyo Museum, haeneyo history, haeneyo
Jeju Island Haeneyo Museum

3.  Shinyeong Cinema Museum

The Shinyeong Cinema Museum showcases the history of cinema in Korea with focus on its origin and a history of some of its workers. Some interactive exhibitions. Korean drama fans may be a little disappointed as the museum does not feature contemporary celebrities nor is it a film studio.

Getting to Shinyeong Cinema Museum: 15-20 minutes from Seogwipo by taxi.

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4.  Trick Art Museum

You will not believe your eyes, because the illusion looks frighteningly real. At the Trick Art Museum, you’ll find two-dimensional art with three-dimensional illusion. Don’t forget to bring your camera for selfies. Hours: 9a-6p   Website:

Getting to the Trick Art Museum Jeju: Seogwipo near Seongeup Folk Village. Address: San 30-12, Geumak-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea.

Jeju Island’s Off-beat Theme Parks

There’s straightforward fun in waterfalls, golf courses and casinos; but then comes the off-beat thrills of enigmatic theme parks! Just reading the names of them, you want to say– What the hell?

Loveland, Gimnyeong Maze Park, Psyche World (it’s really about butterflies), Sex & Health Museum, World Eros Museum, Mini Mini Land, Stone Park, Pony and Alligator Town (does this mean ponies and alligators?) ... the list of curiosities just won’t end. Pick a theme, any park… then come back and tell me what it was about! 

Advice: See the airport tourist information desk for a map and bus schedule.

5.  Loveland Park

With sex being a closeted topic in Korea, Loveland made it on my travel list as a definite MUST! Open in 2004, Loveland is Jeju Island’s sex-themed park, which showcases 140 boldly erotic sculptures and curious and humorous artwork about sex in Korea.  The park houses statues of erotica of curious nature and a museum building with more fun sculptures, hilarious artwork and a pleasure store where you can buy souvenirs, a condom and maybe even a dildo. Definitely, an eye-opening theme park for playful adults and it’s just plain fun. Hours: 9A-12A (open til midnight) . Admission: 12,000 KRW  Website:

Getting to Loveland: Located 10 minutes from Jeju International Airport by taxi, you can also take Bus bus 1100 to the Livestock Farming Complex. Address:  2894-72 1100 Cheonbaek-ro, Yeon-dong

loveland sex museum in jeju, sex museum, jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island
Loveland’s showcases bold, curious and humorous erotic themes


6.   Gimnyeong Maze Park

As a fan of Harry Potter and the Shining, I was curious about maze parks. While Gimnyeong Maze Park is rather small, it still challenges your skill to find your way out.  Nearby is the Manjanggul Cave, so why not check it out! Read more hereAdmission: 3,300W adults, Hours:  8:30AM- 7:50 PM

From Jeju International Airport take bus No. 100 and get off at the Intercity Bus Terminal (제주시외버스터미널). Then take a bus for Manjanggul Cave (만장굴행) and get off at the parking lot by the cave entrance (만장굴 입구). The trip takes 50 minutes.

Jeju island gimnyeong maze park, jeju maze-park, jeju island attractions, things to do on jeju island
Jeju island gimnyeong maze park

Experience Jeju Island’s Natural Wonders

Despite its chic resorts and theme parks, Jeju is probably the only place in Korea whose “natural” beauty is not a result of heavy cosmetic surgery. Outside the main tourist cities, Jeju life feels down-to-earth, rural and pretty au naturale. Break out those hiking backpacks, sunscreen, walking shoes and cameras! I grew up in Hawaii and I’m not exaggerating when I say, Jeju is sprinkled with gorgeous seaside cliffs, impressive waterfalls, caves and fresh ways to make you say, “Gaaa”!

Some of Jeju’s impressive natural wonders:

7. Hike Mt. Hallasan National Park

Koreans love hiking, so being the highest peak on Jeju Island, Mt Hallasan National Park is a popular hiking attraction. It’s known to be very scenic. It is also one of the K-drama film locations of Lovely Sam Soon.

Getting to Hallasan National Park: Two trail entrances: Eorimok (take bus 1100, last bus 3:00p) and Seongpanak (take bus 5.16, last bus 9:30p) .

Tip: Join a small group hike tour to Mt Hallasan

hiking in korea, hiking koreans, korea hiking fashion
Hike Mount Halla on Jeju Island

8. Seongsan Ilchul-bong  (or Sunrise Peak )

The view from Seongsan Ilchul-bong (otherwise known as Sunrise Peak) overlooks the volcano crater and the island. There are stairs to get there and it takes around 20 minutes to get up there, depending upon fitness level.

Getting to Sunrise Peak: Take the bus to the west coast of Seongsan-ri and walk 10-15 minutes to the entrance of the peak. This stop also lands you near the ferry pier for Udo Island.

Tip: Join a small hiking group to Sunrise Peak and other UNESCO sites.

Sunrise peak jeju island, olle trail jeju island
Sunrise Peak

9. Watch a Haeneyo Dive show at the Haeneyo Restaurant

After visiting Sunrise Peak, stroll down to the cove to catch a haeneyo dive show and eat at the haeneyo restaurant along the cliffside.

Did you know one of Korea’s top UNESCO site is not a landmark but a group of women? Jeju has female divers called haeneyo and they are actually freedivers, holding their breath underwater to catch fish and shellfish. It is a dying tradition and many of these divers are over the age of 50. The restaurant is run by haeneyo women and it is a perfect way to have a UNESCO prepared meal of fresh seafood and sashimi. If you think Busan’s Jalgachi Fish Market is the bomb, this is a must-try bucket list of Jeju Island.

In the cove below the restaurant, they have dive shows at 1:30 & 3PM. Read more about the haeneyo.

Haeneyo Restaurant , haeneyo dive show jeju, christine kaaloa, solo female travel blogger, women's inspiration blogger, grrrltraveler, blogger for women, blog site for female solo travel, solo female travel blog, travel tips for Korea, jeju haeneyo
Haeneyo Restaurant Jeju Island near Sunrise Peak

10.  Jusangjeolli Cliffs

Jusangjeolli Cliffs are hexagonal rock formations in the cliff and jutting out of the ocean.

Getting to Jusangjeolli Cliffs: Take Airport Limousine Bus & stop at International Convention Center. About a 15 minute walk or 3 minute taxi ride to entrance.

Jusangjeolli Cliffs at Jeju, jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island, what to see in jeju

11.  Oedolgae Rock

Oedolgae Rock is a dramatic rock formation jutting out of the ocean. Nearby there is an olle hiking trail with a beach below. Oedolgae Rock is also a Korean drama film location of Daejanggeum. But either way, it is impressive and a gorgeously unique natural wonder of Jeju Island.

Getting to Oedolgae Rock: From Jeju International Airport, take Airport Limousine Bus No. 600 to New Gyeongnam Hotel Bus Stop.  From Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 100 for 50 minutes to Yeoseonghoegwan (Women’s center) Bus Stop

Top 8 Things to Do on Jeju Island, sex museum jeju island, jeju island attractions, jeju island museums, travel jejudo, travel jeju, jeju island tourism, natural attractions jeju, odoelgae rock jeju
Odoelgae Rock, jeju island

12.  Manjuggal Caves ( Jeju lava tube caves)

 Being that Jeju Island is a volcanic island, Manjuggal caves are Jeju’s lava tube caves. You can explore the lava tube by day – it is safe and there is lighting.  Nearby are restaurants if you’re hungry and if you’re up for a puzzling challenge there’s the man-made Gimnyeong maze, just 3 minutes away.

Getting to Manjuggal Caves: Take Donghoe Line Intercity Bus to get off at the parking lot near Manjanggul Cave Entrance. ( 1hr 20 min.) It’s a 20-minute hike to the actual park entrance; take 5-minute taxi ride there, hire a private car to the caves or take a small group hiking tour. There are many options!

Top 8 Things to Do on Jeju Island, sex museum jeju island, jeju island attractions, jeju island museums, travel jejudo, travel jeju, jeju island tourism, natural attractions jeju, jeju lava tube caves
manjuggal caves jeju

13.   Jeju Olle Trails

Jeju Island has twenty walking paths called Olle Trails. The routes are marked by arrows, sculpture or colored tags and promises to lead you through the *most* drop-dead, picturesque mountain scenery, neighborhood backyards and breathtaking beachfront shores. Walking the Olle Trails are free of charge and coastal bus routes make regular stops at trail points. Routes can take anywhere from 3-6 hours.

Recommended:  Try one or all of the Olle Trails if you get the chance (more info here)!

Olle trails in Jeju, hiking in korea, hiking in jeju, hiking trails jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island, what to see in jeju
Olle trails in Jeju
Olle trails wonders near Sunrise Peak, olle trails jeju, Olle trails in Jeju, hiking in korea, hiking in jeju, hiking trails jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island, what to see in jeju Jeju Olle trails wonders near Sunrise Peak
Jeju farmer Jeju Island Olle trail: Korean farmer

14. Hop a ferry to Udo Island

Beautiful beaches, sweeping cliffs, woven back streets and rural country charm… it’s all worth a day trip. Udo Island is a tiny, romantic island with a Scottish/Irish feel, modest B&B pensions, and a lighthouse and it’s navigable by scooter, ATV, bus, and car. I’ve heard you can whisk around the island in under an hour by scooter! If I didn’t explore the inland veins of the neighborhood streets, it’s possible I would’ve made it within that time frame.

Advice: Take the bus or better, rent a scooter! Scooter and ATV rentals are located right off the ferry dock. You may need to present your passport, and driver’s license and it would be handy to take an International Driver’s Permit if you have one.

Getting to Udo Island: Take the bus out to Seongsangri- Harbor (past the Sunrise Peak stop) and take the ferry over to Udo. You may need to present your passport.

udo island sightseeing, Olle trails in Jeju, hiking in korea, hiking in jeju, hiking trails jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island, what to see in jeju
The lighthouse at Udo Island
udo island beaches, beaches in korearocky shoreline coasts of Udo Islandudo island beaches, beaches in koreaUdo Island

15.  Visit Jeju’s famous K-drama film locations

If you’re a K-drama fan, Jeju Island is littered with popular Korean drama film locations and they aren’t hard to find. Korea is proud of their film locations and highlighted are some of their locations in the tourist maps given out at the airport tourist desk. But be on your toes, you may stumble upon some by accident.

My mom and I booked a room at the Jeju Hyatt Regency hotel (now called the Parnas  Hotel Jeju) and found the chapel sitting outside our room was a location for Boys Over Flowers! We were staying at the Boys over Flowers hotel!! Imagine our surprise.

jeju film locations for popular k-dramas, Olle trails in Jeju, hiking in korea, hiking in jeju, hiking trails jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island, what to see in jeju, korean drama locations
Take a picture in the location where the film was shot
 odoelgae rock famous K-drama film location, korean drama locations, Olle trails in Jeju, hiking in korea, hiking in jeju, hiking trails jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island, what to see in jeju Odoelgae Rock area is a famous K-drama film location
Top 8 Things to Do on Jeju Island, sex museum jeju island, jeju island attractions, jeju island museums, travel jejudo, travel jeju, jeju island tourism, natural attractions jeju, jeju hiking trails, jeju ole trails, korean drama locations jeju, jeju island film locations, boys over flowers film location
Jeju Island film locations: Chapel from Boys over Flowers at the Parnas  Hotel Jeju (formerly Hyatt Recency in Jungmun )
Jeju Hyatt Hotel exterior grounds, Jungmun Resorts, korean drama locations on jeju island, Jeju island film locations Boys over Flowers
Jeju island film locations: Bench from Korean drama, ‘Boys over Flowers’

16. Experience Jeju Island by ATV, motorbike, horseback

On Jeju Island there’s a range of alternate transportation options at your disposal! Buses on Jeju are convenient, cheap, and efficient modes of transportation. They will get you everywhere and if not, taxis can pick up the slack. However, from ferries, horseback riding, scooters, ATVs, bikes, etc… Jeju is a mixed bag of tourist treats, so don’t get stuck just trying one flavor!

Advice: If you plan on renting a scooter or car, you must bring your driver’s license, passport and your international driver’s permit.

horseback riding on udo island jejudo
Horseback and ATV riding (Udo Island)
jeju udo island scooter rentalsATV rentals on Udo Island, Jeju Islandjeju udo me

17. Jungmun’s luxury hotels and beaches

Jungmun’s beaches are nice, but that’s not the spectacle of worship you’ll die to see; it’s the top resort hotel! They’re not only fancyschmancy, but they’re also mega-glam!  

From jacuzzis, heat lamps near pools, hiking trails and casinos, in the Jungmun Resort area, you’ll find resort hotels you’ve seen on K-drama episodes with magical bells and whistles you’ve never seen. How about an ice skating rink or camping tents (yes, they are on the hotel premises if you want to have a camping experience and then return to your room.

If you want to live your K-drama dream, book a few nights in one of the resort hotels here. It’s worthwhile.

Shilla Jeju Hotel in Jungmun Resort, jungmun resort hotels, Olle trails in Jeju, hiking in korea, hiking in jeju, hiking trails jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island, what to see in jeju
Shilla Jeju Hotel . At night, the poolside chairs emit a red UV light for warming.
camping at the Shilla Hotel Jeju Camping and BBQ grounds at the Shilla Jeju Hotel
jungmun beach jeju Jungmun beach view from my hotel, Parnas  Hotel Jeju

What to Eat on Jeju Island

Unless you’re staying in the little urban dwelling of Jeju City, the island offers a lot of seafood and the standard Korean platter. This isn’t a problem if you know what you want to order your sushi or plate in Korean; you’ll be hard-pressed to find English menus!

For back-end survival, typical cheap eats like bibimbap or kimbap (recognize and learn how to order from one here) are generally loved by foreigners.  If you’re a very picky eater or have dietary concerns, you can do what I did and bring your own stash of instant oatmeal, power bars, dried fruits and nuts!

Travel Activity tip: Take a Seoul cooking class to learn Korean cooking

Another option: shop at local stores or chain western stores such as Homeplus and Emart, where you can get groceries or see your menu in plasticized casings.

Getting Around Jeju Island

Getting Around Jeju Island can feel simple- there is Airport Limousine bus 600, bus, taxi and car. Most travelers use the airport bus and bus. The airport limousine bus runs a circular route from the airport to Jungmun and Seogwipo making stops along the way.  Read more here. Cost ranges around $5 depending upon stop. Meanwhile, the regular bus and taxis are great for skirting around the island and giving you a nice ride.

The bus routes are fairly simple to spot on the map but you’ll still need occasional help with knowing which number to catch or where the bus stops are from your hotel.

Where to stay on Jeju Island

Jeju Island has three main tourist ports: Jeju City, Jungmun Resort area and Seogwipo. The airport limousine bus makes stops along with that city route and regular buses around the island is efficient and regular.

Jungmun Resort and Seogwipo are the best locations to make your home base. Both locations are located on the southern part of the island where there are the greatest amount of Jeju Island attractions.

Where to Stay in Jungmun Resort

Here’s a map of hotels in Jungmun Resort Area if you’re interested in splurging for a few of nights. A stay in Jungmun resort for 2-3 nights at one of these chic theme hotels is so worthwhile!

In Korea, hotel prices can feel more affordable than booking a hotel in the United States. I booked a cheap weekend package deal of flight and hotel in the Jungmun Resort area for me and my mum through Expedia. I felt like I was paying the cost of a budget flight!

We stayed at Jeju Hyatt Regency hotel (now called the Parnas  Hotel Jeju). At the time of booking, I knew little about it but when we arrived we discovered it was the film location for Boys over Flowers and more Korean dramas!

I did a quick exploration of the neighboring resort hotels and was floored. Who lets you rent camping tents so you can BBQ on astroturf resort grounds? The Shilla Jeju Hotel does. Yowzers!

Who’d craft an enormous ice-skating rink and giant windmill in their backyard? Just say, Lotte Hotel & Resort!

For Korean drama fanatics and fans of Hyun Bin, check out the Seaes Hotel in Jungmun Resort . This cozy and exclusive resort grounds is the film locations to Korean dramas like  ‘The Secret Garden’ and ‘Boys over Flowers’, etc.  The main grounds are locked off and accessible only to guests.

Getting there: Take the airport bus or a bus to Jumgmun Resort. As you drive into the neighborhood, you’ll see a handful of museums, such as the Teddy Bear Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and the Chocolate Museum.

seeas hotel boys over flowers film location, korean drama locations, Olle trails in Jeju, hiking in korea, hiking in jeju, hiking trails jeju island sightseeing map, what to do in jeju island, what to see in jeju
Seaes Hotel in Jungmun Resort is a popular film locations for K-dramas Boys over Flowers, Gung/Palace and Secret Garden.

Where to Stay in Seogwipo

Seogwipo is a city that feels just a tad lackluster if you’ve just come from Jungmun Resort area. It’s more functional, but smaller than Jeju City. The beauty of it is that Seogwipo has more budget friendly hotel options and urban interests to explore like the Olympic stadium, Emart , restaurants, and cafes, and the marketplaces like Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, a 120-stall indoor market of produce, seafood, and household items. Here’s a map of top budget stays in Seogwipo City.

Getting to Seogwipo: Seogwipo is at the southeastern base of Jeju and the last stop on the Jeju Airport Shuttle bus.  Seogwipo bus station is located a little more in the city and it will connect you to a lot of places you’ll want to see on the eastern side, such as Sunrise Peak, Udo Island, Oedolgae Rock and more.

Where I stayed: I stayed at Jeju Hiking Inn ( aka Gudeok Guest House), an economical no-frills Korean budget guesthouse with character, and located in an ideal spot near the airport shuttle bus drop, on the coastal edge of Seogwipo and a 10 minute walk into the main city. Restaurants will be mostly Korean and much seafood.

If you’re looking for a cute 3 star budget friendly hotel under $40 Jeju Pureun Hotel is located in central Seogwipo. Some rooms even have a kitchenette. Hotel The Grang Seogwipo is another popular budget hotel in a good location and friendly staff.

Check out the best Seogwipo resorts to stay at.

Travel Resources for your Korea trip

What are your top things to do on Jeju Island? What tips would you add to this Jeju Island travel guide? 

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